BestAddress HTML Editor 2006

BestAddress HTML Editor 2006 for Windows

Fully featured editor with visual layout view

This popular app allows you to design, upload and maintain your website using dual-mode visual (also known as WYSIWYG) and code-based editing functionality. BestAddress boasts a wide range of easy-to-use functions, tutorials for beginners, free updates, integrated technical support contact capabilities and a dedicated Customer Benefits program.

Major features of the editor:

  • Visual editing mode

  • Coding mode with live split-screen previewing

  • Site project capabilities

  • Templates with support for integrated images

  • Spell checking

  • DHTML menu designer

  • HTML syntax checking

  • Support for opening and saving directly from the Internet

  • Image map editing

  • Dedicated DigitalAccess FTP program included

  • Source code securing: helps prevent unauthorised copying

  • Software-integrated technical support

  • Mange tasks you need to complete with the to-do list

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BestAddress HTML Editor 2006


BestAddress HTML Editor 2006 Professional 9.9.0

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